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Running for District 4 Solana Beach City Council

Respecting our neighborhoods



Can You Vote for Me?

I am running for Solana Beach City Council District 4 which is represented in the purple area on the map. If you are registered to vote at an address in the purple zone, you can vote for me.

How You Can Help

To those who would like to support my election campaign, any amount is appreciated and the maximum contribution per individual is $220.


All checks should be made out to:


Jill MacDonald for Solana Beach City Council District 4


Solana Beach, CA 92075


Donations must include the following information:


Street Address


Employer/Name of Business

Phone (optional)

Would you like a campaign sign for your front yard?

Thanks for your support!

Contact Me

Jill MacDonald for Solana Beach City Council

P.O.BOX 36

Solana Beach, CA 92075


I have lived in coastal North County for 33 years and moved to my eastside neighborhood in Solana Beach five years ago.  I consider this small coastal city one of the best places to live in California. Preserving the character and charm of our city, while enhancing the attributes that make Solana Beach such a wonderful place to live and raise a family, is my top priority.


There are challenges ahead for Solana Beach as it faces pressure for new development and redevelopment and the threat of climate change.  I strongly believe in keeping decisions that impact neighborhoods in the hands of local government and its residents, not Sacramento. It’s important to ensure development is scaled appropriately, minimizes negative impacts, and provides the required infrastructure. I support our city’s exemplary efforts to address climate change and the updating of our Climate Action Plan. I will monitor the Lomas Santa Fe Corridor Improvement and the Santa Helena Neighborhood Trail projects to ensure they continue to conform to the desires of our community. And I’ll keep my eye on the Executive Golf Course to make sure it stays just that!

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